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A poorly understood, international, independent army focused on thwarting evil before it becomes too powerful to thwart.

The Striders of Fahrlanghn
Mysterious men in grey cloaks who wander the roads of the world, helping travelers and telling tales of strange lands.


0th-Level Attack Spells
Arcane spellcasters have access to the Energy Blast cantrip.
Divine spellcasters have access to the Sacred Flame orison.

Some racial spells can be used by other races. Click here for a list of such spells. If you think a spell should be added to the list, please discuss it with me.

The alternative initiative system used for this campaign.

A natural 1 doesn’t necessarily mean disaster, but when it does, disaster is varied. Consult this table to determine the result of your botch.

Provides options for roleplaying between adventures and during moments of downtime.

Bonus Feats
If they meet the prerequisites, all characters may receive Combat Expertise, Intimidating Prowess, Lunge, Power Attack, and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats.

Teamwork Feats
All PCs may choose a free teamwork feat at each even character level (max 10 at 20th level).

In addition to the languages listed in the rulebooks, the following setting languages are available: Ancient Azlant (Dead), Hallit, Kelish, Osiriani, Polyglot, Shoanti, Skald, Tien, Varisian, and Vudrani.

Main Page

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