Haiibane Toyoshi

Half-Elf female, middle age, witch, CN or potentially NE




Haiibane Toyoshi

a quick study, vengeful, shrewd, angry, intelligent, calculating, manipulative, temperamental/irritable, greedy
--hates elves, hates humans, hates Drow, is always disguised as a surface elf except during black market dealings, is hypocritically proud of her Drow heritage, loves lying, boasting, haggling and intimidating
--Aspires to find and kill her mother after her father’s passing
--Loves magic and knowledge; would love to have every spell learned

Haiibane’s parents had been business partners in youth but her father, a mercenary, quickly changed his tune in discovering he would father a child with his favorite consort, Nyundella, a rather unsuccessful, would-be Loth Priestess. Their fanciful secret attempt at “normal life” was a dissatisfying catastrophe that left both parties as criminal as ever. In the end the only thing they could agree on was the child; Haiibane’s life had become the focus of a final agreement between the two.

As a young girl, Haiibane developed her haughty vanity with the help of a father who proudly displayed her as testament to redemption. He had become knight and lord under the particularly pious duke of a wealthy municipality (it remains unclear whether his intentions are truly pious). This rank and the land that her father was given (a rather sad, remote, abandoned property originally given simply out of courtesy) afforded enough for Haiibane to study freely. She was a quick study with natural talent and at one time a promising med student. However, her father eventually insisted on having a instructor for as she grew, iif for no other reason than the gory turn her experiments took.

Though already inclined to hate Elves, especially Drow, It was not until her father’s retirement that she became truly aware of what her heritage cost her amongst humans; her relationships decayed much faster without her father’s influence and after several questionable arrests she fled her home for the first time. She immediately turned to illegal connections for help and work and even owned a tattoo parlor for several years before it was busted as a cover business for a crime syndicate. She sold herself then to the authorities as an innocent, then later as an investigator and interrogator. However, her investigative coworkers always eventually become too inquisitive about who the “real” Haaibane is and she finds it necessary to change jobs. Enter the Runegard…

Haiibane Toyoshi

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